Contemporary art will become closer to consumers. The brand of jumpsuits

Igor Abramovych painting on overalls Artist and model, artist Vasily Tsagolov



The trend of art collaborations is getting more and more popular in the modern world. In early 2021, Dior released the first photos of the advertising campaign for the spring collection. The photoshoot was in Barocco style and the photos are as similar as possible to the works of artist Michelangelo Caravaggio. A little earlier, BMW used classic paintings such as "Tower of Babel", "Pandora's Box", "Adam and Eve” in their advertising campaign “For those who don’t know when to stop” and through the paintings showed the idea when the heroes couldn’t stop.


The integration of works of art can be seen in advertising campaigns of world brands in various fields like architecture, cinema and other. However, the most famous and widespread are the collaborations of art and fashion industries.


The beginning of art+fashion collaborations was started by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali in 1930. The most famous joint creation was an organza dress with lobster image which was on the Vogue magazine cover.



In 1965, Yves Saint Laurent presented his dresses with big color blocks which were the Mondrian's paintings. Consequently, the artists’ works became more demanded because of the popularity of designer.



After Yves Saint Laurent met Andy Warhol, designer created new fall-winter collection in 1966 and dedicated it to the pop-art direction. Later, other representatives of the fashion industry referred to the artist’s paintings more than once (Roy Halston, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Ruff Simons and Gianni Versace).


Roman Minin painting on overalls Generator of Donetsk metro

The latest projects of the world brands are: Dior Lady Art, Alexander McQueen and Henry Moore collaboration - the costume with an interpretation of "Three Quarters” on it, Kenzo dress with an abstraction “Le Luxe” of Julio Pomar, the Lemaire skirt with Martin Ramirez’ drawings, Lanvin blouses with Erte’ illustrations and other.



Ukraine is just beginning its journey to recognition and popularisation its artists and their works, however, these first steps are very important and decisive. The monocategorical fashion brand OVERALL was created in early 2020. The brands’ jumpsuits are printed with the most expensive and recognisable works of the country’s artists such as Olexander Roytburd, Roman Minin, Vasyl Tsagolov, Alina Pivnenko, Mykola Matsenko and Serhiy Melnichenko. Paintings printed on the computer-generated patterns and joined by master designers by hand. Because of the uniform details, jumpsuits are not gender-specific, so the can fit both women and men.



Fashion industry and art are always in benefit because of their collaborations. First of all, thanks to fashion, the works of art become more popular and the consumer audience of cultural products is expanded. Secondary, it is an opportunity to draw attention to the issues covered in the works of artists because of the media. In addition, due to the use of art works in fashion, paintings will get a “second life” and become closer to the consumer. In the case of the Ukrainian collaboration of the OVERALL brand, each artist is granting the right to use his paintings as prints on jumpsuits and additionally receives royalties from the sale. Therefore, Ukrainian art is not only gaining new audience, but also receives real financial support.



In the modern world, fashion - is the power of an idea, and the intellectual fashion - is the fashion for those, who knows better on the ephemerality and elegance of the era. Wearing OVERALL jumpsuit, a person wears an idea, informs the world about his knowledge of contemporary art and shows that he can appreciate the national product.


Today, Ukraine is at the stage of reviving its authenticity, at the stage, when Ukrainian becomes to be fashionable and national artists are recognisable in the whole world. That is why 2021 should be the starting point for the development of contemporary art in combination with Ukrainian fashion brands.



Alyona Alyona painting on overalls Generator of Donetsk metro artist Roman Minin

  The founder of the OVERALL brand Anastasia Bratkova