Victor Sydorenko

Ukrainian artist Victor Sydorenko  was born 31 December 1953 in the town of Taldy-Kurgan, Kazakhstan
1974-1979 - studied at Kharkiv Institute of Applied Arts (professor B.V. Kosarev)
1985-1988 - Post Graduate of Creative Studio of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (Academician, professor S.A. Grigoryev)


Academy of Arts of Ukraine, National Union of Artists of Ukraine

Professional activities:

Since - 2001 - Founder and Director of the Modern Art Research Institute of Academy of Arts of Ukraine
1997 - till now - Vice-President of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine
1997-2005 - Vice-President of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine
2002 - Professor of Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts

Principal curatorial projects:

2007 - A Poem about an Inland Sea, Ukrainian project at the 52nd Venice Biennale (in collaboration) (catalogue)
2003 - Millstones of Time, Ukrainian project at the 50 Venice Biennale, (catalogue, CD-Rom)
2002 - Art of Ukraine, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia, (catalogue)
2000, 2002, 2005 - New Directions; Kyiv, Ukraine
1999, 2002 - Triennale of Sculpture, (catalogue), Kyiv, Ukraine
1998, 2001, 2004 - Triennale of Painting, (catalogue), Kyiv, Ukraine
1997, 2000, 2003 - Triennale of Graphic Arts, (catalogue), Kyiv, Ukraine


Selected exhibitions


People live here, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Kyiv

White and Black, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv



My Story: 32 Years of Independence, Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv




30х30.Contemporary Ukrainian art, National Center «Ukrainian House», Kyiv




Strange Time, online,

Ukraine Today, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv 

The Artifical Pain, Сontemporary Art Centre ZnakiCzasu, Toruń, Poland



The Long Journey. Contemporary Ukrainian Art 1985 - 2004 from private collections, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv

Art United, Mandarin Maison, Kyiv

Acquisition of subjectivity. Kherson Regional Art Museum. O. Shovkunenko, Kherson

Time Attribution. Karas Gallery, Kyiv

Memory of unconsciousness, XV Istanbul Biennale, parallel program. Turkey, Istanbul

Collected moments, Modernism Gallery, USA, San Francisco



Auguste Rodin. Premonition of the future. Cherkasy Museum of Fine Arts, Cherkasy, Ukraine

Atonal reality. Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odesa, Ukraine 

Acquiring Subjectivity. Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv





Private Collection. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists. Modern Art Research InstituteKyiv, Ukraine 

Show Promise. Lviv Palace of Arts. Ukraine





Recipe for Utopia , Modern Art Research InstituteKyiv, Ukraine





Wien,Österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde,Ukraine. Transformation der Moderne, 20-29 november, 2015

The Museum Collection. Ukrainian Contemporary Art. 1985–2015, 22.09–10.10.2015. From Private Collections



A New Ukrainian Dream, Forbes Ukraine and Mystetskyi Arsenal Art Project Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv


Terrain Orientation National Art Museum of Ukraine Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Kyiv (catalog)
Contemporary Ukrainian Artists. Saatchi Gallery. London (catalog)


Levitation, National Art Academy of Ukraine, Kyiv
Art Palm Beach, Art fair, Black Square Gallery, Florida, USA
MIA art fair, Black Square Gallery, Miami, USA
Art Chicago 2011, Black Square Gallery, Chicago, USA
Art Moscow 2011, Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalogue)
UKRAINIAN ARTISTS, Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris
20 years of presence, Modern Art Research Institute (NAAU), Kyiv
Independent, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
11ème Festival Européen de la photo de nu, Arles, France (catalogue)
Art Kyiv contemporary 2011, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv


Millstones of Time, Black Square Gallery, Miami, USA
Levitation, Taiss Gallery, Paris
SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show, New York, USA
Art Hamptons, Mironova Gallery, NY
Oliva's Seed, Contemporary Art Center M 17, Kyiv
Scope Art Show Basel, Mironova Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
Art Miami, Mironova Gallery, Miami, USA
Art Chicago 2010, Mironova Gallery, Chicago, USA
RESTART (Contemporary Art Stars' of Ukraine), Modern Art Research Institute of Ukraine, Dymchuk Art Promotion, Kyiv


Depersonalization, Plaza Athenee’s, Paris, France
Levitation, National Art Museum of Ukraine; Art Kyiv International Art Festival, National Art Center Ukrainian House, Kyiv (catalogue)
New Ark, Collection Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
Art Paris, Taiss Gallery, Paris
Art Palm Beach Art fair, Mironova Gallery, Miami, USA
Myth Creators, Gogol Fest, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
Art Kyiv International Art Festival, National Art Center Ukrainian House, Kyiv


Authentification, Taiss Gallery, Paris, France (catalogue)
Yearning for the Immensity, Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv
Gogol Fest, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv


Gogol Fest, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
Traverse Video, X International Video Festival, Toulouse, France


Authentification, Lavra gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalogue)
Eastern Neighbours, International Art Festival, Cultural Center Babel. Utrecht, Netherlands


Now, V International Art Festival in Magdeburg, Germany. Diploma for Best project, (catalogue)


Farewell to Arms, Museum of Contemporary Art Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv (catalogue)
Faster than History, Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki, Finland (catalogue)
Millstones of Time, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv


Lora D. Art gallery, Chicago, USA
Millstones of Time, 50th Venice Biennale, (catalogue, CD-Rom)
Eurographic - 2003, Lavra gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
Blood: Lines and Connections, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, USA


Soviart gallery, Kyiv
Art of nations (1992-2002), Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia, (catalogue)
Art of Ukraine, Beijing, China


Aral cycle, Maysternya gallery, Kyiv


All-Ukraine Christmas Exhibition, National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv


Lillie, France (catalogue)


Pendleton Art Centre, Cincinnati, USA
Salon of Central and Eastern Europe, Paris, France
International Art Festival, National Art Center Ukrainian House, Kyiv (catalogue) 


Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv


State Fine Arts Museum of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata


Picture Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
Kyiv Arts Fair - 95, Ukraine


National Museum of Fine Arts, Kyiv
Konsumentart-93, Nurnberg, Germany


Fine Arts Museum, Kharkiv
Exhibition of works of Ukrainian Artists, Berlin (Zelendorf, Germany)
Exhibition Art of Ukraine, Yale University, USA


The Aral Sea, Artist House, Kharkiv


Post Graduates Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR, Museum of Russian Fine Arts, Kyiv


My contemporary, Soviet-Union - Czech-Slovakia, Central House of Artists, Moscow


All-Soviet Union exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow


All-Ukrainian exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv