Signal Yellow, land art, Abramovych Sculpture Park

Art actions increasingly become an opportunity for a powerful dialogue with the public, provoking an emotional response in the viewers. The notorious recent performances by climate activists who threw bright-colored liquids at world-famous paintings to draw the public’s attention to environmental issues are just one example. After all, bright coloring in nature often signals danger: plants and animals in striking colors are often poisonous.




Nikita Zigura’s land art project Signal Yellow at the territory of the Abramovych Sculpture Park will jumpstart changes, combining environmental thought, art and engaged social activism. Dry wood painted in the vibrant color looks unnatural against the color palette of the Ukrainian Polissia region. This object will not remain unnoticed; according to the artist’s idea, it will encourage viewers to change their perceptions and habits by drawing their attention to the issue of the depletion of natural resources and the preservation of biosphere reserves.