Roman Minin «Find the Aliens»


This industrial landscape hides 33 “aliens.” A viewer can embark on the quest to find them all. I have put characters from many of my earlier works into the same “universe,” placing them within one elaborate graphic composition that concludes the Us and Them series. It adopts the pulsating rhythms of various kinds of waves, visually generalized as legible symbols. Sea waves, airwaves, architectural waves, and radio waves all merge into one. Creative resonances and the synergy of thought are things one can enjoy watching forever. Alarming signals of our time that command you to find the aliens are a part of this world’s harmony too.


This artwork stands out, I believe, in that the artistic act occurs right as the viewer dives into a quest (in this case, the search for characters hidden in the painting). It is possible that this task will help many to take a step back from reality and to look at the structure of our society with new eyes. The search for aliens is an interesting process that has both a political and a sacred dimension.