Roman Minin "Paradise Museum"


The “ParadiseMuseum” project shown in the space of ArtUkraine Gallery (2017), was co-authored with Oleg Tistol, Mykola Matsenko and myself and inspired the continuation of work and the creation of monumental-decorative panels. I depicted the life of miners in the mine and their existence in heaven. The work consists of two self-sufficient parts representing the opposite worlds.



The thematic division is not accidental as the miners' everyday life is opposed to the definition of the posthumous destiny of a man. The paradise appears as the place of the last rest of the righteous. Stained-glass colorful compositions offer the viewer to immerse themselves into the world of sacred symbols and also create a unique, sublime sensation of supernatural. Like most artists, I am concerned about the images of the afterlife, the search for an unearthly and the discussion about heaven and hell.