Anatoliy Kryvolap “House”



Despite many years of self-improvement and searches in the abstract art field, Anatoly Kryvolap has not abandoned his favorite genre in the figurative art, the landscape. It interests him as an opportunity to combine personal experience with the execution of all the main artistic tasks. For his works, the artist chooses traditional Ukrainian motifs that are close to his heart and reflect the lyrical image of his homeland.


Contrary to global urbanization, Kryvolap lives and works primarily in his country house in Yahotyn. Local landscapes are a source of inspiration for the artist and of the sensitive wealth for his paintings. Anatoliy Kryvolap is a great colourist, master of the finest colour nuances. The “House” painting depicts a classic motif with a small rural house, embodying comfort and peace. It is a typical example of Anatoliy Kryvolap’s art with its expression, colour saturation, richness of texture. In this landscape, the realism of the image gives way to the general mood, surprisingly accurately reproduced. Here, as in all the works of the artist, there is a pronounced national component, emotional depth and, at the same time, directness, visual simplicity, that attracts the viewer. One can see traits of romanticism and abstract expressionism, methods of Turner and Rothko, but Kryvolap's own, unique atmosphere still dominates.


Combining traditional motifs and modern pictorial techniques, Anatoliy Kryvolap  creates his own visual layer on the verge of figurative and abstractive, defined by art historians as "a new Ukrainian landscape" and occupying its own niche in contemporary world art.



Natalia Matsenko